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10 months ago
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Ride Along with Killboy - Tail of the Dragon Northbound - VR360

Ride along as I take you through the Dragon on my Benelli TNT 135 minibike on a Saturday afternoon. Camera is a Garmin Virb 360 on a STEEK! Let me know your ...

7 years ago
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The Dragon US 129

The Dragon US 129

What can I say? This is the most fantastic road in the country and we ride down here at least once a year just to ride this road. 

We often debate why this road is so fantastic. The pavement is excellent. Because of all the motorcycle traffic and interest, gravel in corners is virtually unheard of. The road is no way designed to any normal standards. It seems like every corner is a combination of varied decreasing radius turns. The elevation changes are just nuts. 

There is some traffic and oncoming tractor trailers are a relatively common sight. 

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