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8 years ago
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Event Report: Cannon Ball Centennial Ride, One Riders Story Presentation

On July 26, I was invited to give a talk at Bobs BMW Motorcycles in Jessup, Md about my time on the Cannon Ball Centennial Ride which I took part in from Dodge City, Kansas to Battery Park, New York, New York. A long time family friend, Dr. Garret Hyde, offered to record it. I feel terribly self conscious about this. Now, gritting my teeth with trepidation, I am making the videos of the presentation available. It's a one hour presentation divided into 5 parts. I worked on the pres ...Read More

9 years ago
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Event Report: Part II of Colin Busch's Ushuaia Motorcycle Trip Presentation

Colin Busch is a dangerous man. His words, imbued with a relentless optimism and bounding energy, somehow wend their way deep into your subconscious past your best defenses, the hell hounds named "I can't", "I shouldn't" and "What If", to enter that space where old dreams long forgotten slumber undisturbed under layers of dust. "Just go. It's easier than you think." he says infectiously. A few years ago, Colin got his passport, international drivers license and some innoculations and with ...Read More

9 years ago
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Event Report: 2013 Progressive International Motorcycle Show in New York City

Duncan and I headed up to New York City to attend the 2013 Progressive International Motorcycle Show. Here is his event report. Last Saturday, we headed up to New York City for the International Motorcycle Show, on the annual Bob's BMW charter trip. First off, kudos to Bob's for doing such an excellent job of setting up the trip. We arrived at about 7:35,and found waiting staff members at the gate who directed us to parking and the waiting area inside. Shortly thereafte ...Read More

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