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8 years ago
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Road Report : Deal's Gap Days 1 & 2 : Starbucks Stoppers

10 years ago last month, Ian and I took a fateful motorcycle trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway, one of the most beautiful compelling roads in the entire country. We visited Tom in Ashville. Ian had heard about some water falls in the area he wanted to see. Ian likes pretty waterfalls. Over drinks, Tom happened to mention that a place called "Deal's Gap" was not that far away. My mind instantly reached back into the dark distant past to an era before Starbucks. In this godless age, my only access ...Read More

8 years ago
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Road Report: My First Track Day and the "Chain of Trust"

The road reports for the recent trip to Deal's Gap are coming, but in the meantime ... I've been told that in the good 'ol days the only way you could ride on a race track was to be in a race. Now a days, there's this thing called a "Track Day". The idea of a track day is you get to take your regular street bike and ride it around on a track at whatever speed you happen to feel comfortable. There are no speed limits. Literally. The thought of a track day had scared me for some time. I ...Read More

9 years ago
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Road Report - Deal's Gap Spring 2011 Trip - 'If we had a plan ...'

It was a simple plan. Bruce would arrive on Friday. We would pack the bikes and then get up early on Saturday to collect Duncan. We would hit the road by 9AM intending to take a leisurely 550 mile ride to Deal's Gap. We would meet Josh somewhere on route 81 and then arrive at the Gap sometime in the middle of the day on Sunday so we could do a few runs. Well, that was the plan. Unfortunately, I've been having intermittent boughts of insomnia. I had been unable to sleep much either Wednesd ...Read More

10 years ago
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Road Report Day 1 - Packing it in

In some ways it seems like I just got back from the big trip a few moments ago. In other ways it feels like I've been "away", in other words "home", for far far too long. I am officially underway and am currently hanging out downstairs at Josh's house in Woodbridge typing on this kickass new ultra compact notebook I got, a ThinkPad X100E, specifically for this purpose. As soon as I reached for my tank bag, I was immediately pulled back to the time when I was Out There. It was a strange surreal ...Read More

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