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NC 209 - The Rattler

A classic and well known motorcycle ride.

2 months ago byAmerica.Rides.Maps
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TN 91 - The Snake

Well known named motorcycle ride in TN. This SW leg is less ridden. There are some good switchbacks as you wind into Shady Valley. A few good views as well.

2 months ago byAmerica.Rides.Maps
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NC 209 - The Rattler

A classic named mototcycle route from Junaluska to Hot Springs.

2 months ago byAmerica.Rides.Maps
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Motorcycles on The Dragon April 26

A minute of motorcycles screaming through one of the most famous motorcycle rides in the world. Shot on April 26, random bikes passing at two spots on the gr...

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Great Motorcycle Rides - The Moonshiner 28

Clips from a January motorcycle ride on a section of wonderful NC 28. We ride a section of this outstanding 104 mile long road in the Smoky Mountains. You sh...

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New Year Greetings - 2019

Enjoying a ride on "The Rattler" in NC on January 1, 2019. Best wishes from Wayne at America Rides Maps.

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30 Seconds of Fall Riding on NC 209

"The Rattler", October 28. Following Jackie through the fun parts at the north end of the ride.

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CO 2018 - Million Dollar Highway

Clips from motorcycle riding on US 550 - The Million Dollar Highway in Colorado.

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An Evening Motorcycle Ride on The Snake

US 421, a.k.a. "The Snake" is a wonderful mountain ride. We passed through one evening this week. What a fun road!

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Best Rides In The Blue Ridge - The Copperhead

With so many great motorcycle roads in the Smoky Mountains - How do you choose which to ride?Start with the named motorcycle rides.  If it's popular enough to be named, it's a good one. The Copperhead Loop Ride in North Carolina is one of the best. The Copperhead Loop( You can use your smart phone to view the map when you do this ride.  Be aware, cell service is spotty in the mountains, it's ...Read More

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