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4 years ago
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MapView in fragment not working and the app freezes after calling recreate() in the host activity Issue #11121 mapbox/mapbox-gl-native GitHub

Platform: Android Mapbox SDK version: mapbox-android-sdk:5.4.0 Steps to trigger behavior I use MapView in a fragment. All lifecycle functions are also implemented properly. I call recreate() function in the host activity for language cha...
4 years ago
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mapbox-android-demo/ at master mapbox/mapbox-android-demo GitHub

Demo app for Mapbox Android SDK on Google Play. Contribute to mapbox/mapbox-android-demo development by creating an account on GitHub.
9 years ago
Blog Article (12021)

Google Android SDK Emulator problems under Ubuntu Linux 14.04

The plan, once I finish up the Twitter Bootstrap conversion of the site, is to build a mobile app. I'm on the fence as to whether I want to try Appcelerator Titanium to re-use at least some portion of the code between platforms or whether I just want to go Native and target Android exclusively first. (I know, I know, you're supposed to bite the bullet, deal with Objective-C and target the iPhone first.) Regardless, I need to get the Google SDK installed and the emulator working which proved t ...Read More

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