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8 months ago
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Livewire - a specific design.

January 15, 2019 Livewire - a specific design. Introducing the motorcycle built to cruise Wall St.  I must give our friends in Milwaukee kudos for slogging through and delivering what (in part) has needed to happen for some time. How does the most famous motorcycle marque in the world begin to re-shape it’s brand and product range in a way to appeal to new and different riders? It takes a significant shift to make this sort of change. Ironically with bikes that don’t shift. Four yea ...Read More

last year
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Give A Shift for Motorcycling - An open letter to the readers of Backroads Magazine

Published in the Feb 2018 Issue of Backroad Magazine (written Dec 12, 2017) Thanks for the opportunity to talk to your audience Brian and Shira!  Give a Shift for motorcycling - An open letter to the readers of Backroads Magazine Hello. You have distinguished yourself as an enthusiast simply by having this printed magazine in your hands. Brian and Shira are enthusiasts who write for enthusiasts and share your passion for riding. As the former PR manager for Victory Motorcycles and ...Read More

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