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[quote member_guid="13640"]Yikes! Was that the model I saw in Hot Bike magazine? :)[/quote] Good one! :) Why yes, it's a hot damn bike. Same thing happened to a friend during our road trip last summer. It was the connector itself that was at fault. Cutting it out and replacing it solved the problem. Yermo( this happened during a shortish ride. At traffic lights I kept smelling something, but couldn't quite put my finger on what it was. Not oil or coolant and didn't smell like the usual burnt electronics smell. Made it home without any issues and took off the right side of the faring to find an "icicle" of melted plastic. While I had the faring off, I decided to replace the K&N filter I had on there, due to them being recalled. The same friend that had the connector burn out last summer had his K&N filter fail on him in the middle of nowhere due to this exact problem. The bit with the nut on the end of the filter popped out in one spot and started spewing oil - bad news! KN-204 Recall(

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