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9 years ago
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On Riding Well: Fear is the only thing to fear.

On a motorcycle, it is said you go where you look. The problem is that often times we simply don't have "faith" in the bike, the suspension, the tires or the road to go through the corner focusing on where we would like to go. Instead, we go too slowly so we can fixate of the things we're afraid of. That bump in the road, that pebble, that leaf. We tense up. Because of this tension we feel we're going about as fast as the bike can go around the corner. The larger danger is when Bad Things Happe ...Read More

9 years ago
Blog Article (11790)

On Riding Well: So You Want to Learn How to Ride a Motorcycle.

I've been asked by so many people, "How do I get into motorcycling?". Because there are many people who do not take responsibility for themselves and the outcomes of their own choices, I feel the need to preface this article with the simple fact that motorcycling, like life, is inherently dangerous. You may do absolutely everything I suggest here and still have a bad accident and be killed or even worse yet, mamed for life. If you get on a motorcycle, or you don't, you are solely responsible ...Read More

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