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Recent Blog Articles

Article (11731)

The Custom Saddlemen Seat Experience

Last year, I met Tom Seymour on the Cannonball Centennial Ride. He's the founder of Saddlemen Seats. After seeing a number of seats from that company on the ride and being very impressed, I asked Tom if I could get one made for my bike. "Just contact me and I'll hook you up." he said. When I got home I contacted him to see who in his company I should talk to about having a seat made for my beloved Blue Oil Burner and asked him what the price range would be. "I really don't want to take your m ...Read More

last year byYermo
Article (11732)

Guest Post: Adventures in Learning How to Use a GPS

This guest post is contributed by long term Miles By Motorcycle member and frequent contributor,John St. John,who we met down at Deal's Gap along?with his son Joel some years ago. Adventures in Learning This spring, I finally bought an Adventure Bike. What ensued was a learning experience about many previously ignored aspects of motorcycling, and a great need to learn how to more fully use the Garmin Zumo 550 GPS, that came with the bike. The following is my meager attempt to explain my p ...Read More

last year byYermo
Article (11733)

Guest Post : Review of the Sena 20S

This is a guest post by Miles By Motorcycle member, Lisa Hallwhich was originally posted to theforum here. In Lisa's own words, "I'm a passionate motorcyclist. If I'm not riding I'm reading about riding. I've been riding for over 21 years and have logged over 275,000 miles. I'm getting close to 300,00. My husband and I began riding at the same time and we have loved each and every mile. We've been involved with group riding since 96 and have led thousands of rides and trips. I do all of the r ...Read More

2 years ago byYermo
Article (11734)

Event Report: Cannon Ball Centennial Ride, One Riders Story Presentation

On July 26, I was invited to give a talk at Bobs BMW Motorcycles in Jessup, Md about my time on the Cannon Ball Centennial Ride which I took part in from Dodge City, Kansas to Battery Park, New York, New York. A long time family friend, Dr. Garret Hyde, offered to record it. I feel terribly self conscious about this. Now, gritting my teeth with trepidation, I am making the videos of the presentation available. It's a one hour presentation divided into 5 parts. I worked on the pres ...Read More

2 years ago byYermo
Article (11735)

2014 New Mexico Trip : Being Open on the Road : Joining Finding Cannonball's Trail Centennial Ride

There are many ways to travel. Most people like to book reservations and know exactly where they are going to end up when. For me that feels too much like day to day life. I learned a long time ago when I was in a very different place, that being flexible and open on the road can unlock doors that from the start you would not have imagined possible. I've tried to share this view, but in practice it's harder than in theory. I had parted company with John and Lucy and headed out from Cano ...Read More

2 years ago byYermo
Article (11736)

2014 New Mexico Trip : Guest Post : On the Subject of Passengering

This is a guest post by my traveling companion, John St John, that he originallly posted to Facebook and that I am sharing here with permission. Yesterday, Yermo gave Lucy a day-long course in "passengering". His methodical approach, taking nothing for granted, was also instructional to me. As a rider who grew up on a motorcycle, as both pilot and passenger from the age of 8 or 9, there is much that I take for granted. Such as: when the bike leans, the passenger leans with it. I could neve ...Read More

2 years ago byYermo
Article (11738)

2014 New Mexico Trip: The Unexpected

As I've mentioned so many times in the past, I'm ill. It's one of the reasons that my bike has so little mileage on it despite me having owned it for so long. There were a number of years where it simply hurt too much to ride. At some point, I discovered that I could manage my condition by modifying my diet. Everything(tm) changed after that. In this modern prepackaged world, it's a fairly difficult diet to follow but I manage and have been doing much better for the last many years. However, ...Read More

2 years ago byYermo
Article (11739)

2014 New Mexico Trip: Dust Storms in Texas and Route 191 from Clifton to Eager, AZ

I woke unusually early, 6:30 AM which might as well be no-man's time, and spent the extra hours writing while listening to yet another wind storm making a ruckus outside. Even after a few hours, the ruckus didn't die down. Venturing out into the light, I noticed the sky was an unusual orange brown color. "Smog?" I wondered but thought that I was too far from any major cities for that to be the case. Sand and silt could be seen blowing along the pavement in the 20mph or so winds. Looking at my b ...Read More

2 years ago byYermo
Article (11740)

2014 New Mexico Trip : Carlsbad Caverns

Just start. Don't worry where it ends up, even if you risk it ending up someplace that you're not going to like, like Texas. What is true for traveling by motorcycle is also true of writing. When I travel with others, regadless of who it is, I never seem to take the time to gather my thoughts and compose them into words. It somehow seems rude to take so many hours away from close friends that mean the world to you when you see them so rarely. There have been many moments over the last couple ...Read More

2 years ago byYermo
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