My name is Yermo. I'm a software guy, motorcyclist and reluctant writer. For more about me see Facebook and LinkedIn.

In the summer of 2010, I embarked on a 77 day journey covering over 15,600 miles by motorcycle to reach Deadhorse, Alaska via a circuitous route that took me up to Duluth, MN, down to Missouri, over to Colorado, up to Yellowstone, over to Victoria, BC and then up to Alaska and back again. Mine was a different kind of motorcycle trip. It was more a journey of the mind, Deadhorse being such a commodity trip these days. Because I traveled differently, I got to see, in a meaningful way, into so many lives that were so radically different from my own and I have to admit it expanded my horizons in ways I would not have imagined.


By request, I wrote a blog of my thoughts and travels, which you can find on my Miles by Motorcycle Blog. I still don't believe I can write, but the overwhelmingly positive and supportive feedback I've received encouraged me to write more and that writing turned the blog and my trip into something I could not have anticipated.


There's been quite a call for me to turn the blog into a book, which I plan to start working on soon. I have no idea if I can do it or if the resulting work will be worth reading, but I will try. I have the feeling I will learn something meaningful in the process.

While I was travelling all those miles, I came up with an idea for a site I would like to try to build as well, a site for those of us fortunate enough to travel Out There by motorcycle.

This is the very humble beginnings of that site. While I continue to figure out what I am going to do Next with my life, I'll work on this site and the software behind it. I hope to turn it into a place where riders of all brands and backgrounds and those who care about them can get together and share stories, events, photos and updates about motorcycle travels.

For the moment, this site runs a stock install of the formVista community platform software I've been working on for some years. It's very rough around the edges and was initially intended for a different purpose. Anatoly, my business partner in DTLink Software, suggested I look at Wordpress and other website solutions, so I could focus on writing prose instead of writing software, but unfortunately none of those platforms would make it any easier for me to implement the vision I have for this space. formVista should work well enough. I'm not trying to win any beauty contests and we're motorcycle travelers after all. We're used to a bit of adversity.

For the moment, there's my blog and there's also a discussion forum.

If you want to participate in the forum, or post comments to the blog, you can register for a member account.

I have a plan to extend the site so each member can get their own blog and place to post status updates, photos and the like but, because the focus is motorcycle travel, I want to add support for google maps and have them be an integral part of the discussion here. I also plan on tightly integrating facebook.

If we can actually get some users here, maybe I or my business partner, Anatoly, will write an Android and/or iPhone app for it.

Even if no one else joins me here, I plan to use this site for my own travels. 

I'll post more on plans and developments as they happen.

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