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    5 years ago
    so i finnaly got a really nice tire!
    Metzeler M3 sportec.

    ive been told it is one of the best but thats opinions not fact.

    but a buddy of mine said give it aprox 300 miles before pushin it hard. Otherwise it will easily break loose.....but seems like. A new tire would be stickiest as new rther than turned on for that long..
    please... Any truth to that? Cuz im ready to...(decapitate the elephant head) 

    i dont wanna wipe out.!!!
    but i got my leather and knee pads ready
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    5 years ago
    There's a coating on the tire. I forget what it's called but it's slick. You have to wear that off before you get the full traction. 50 miles in my experience tends to do it but realize if you never lean it over far the edges won't be broken in. I had that happen to me down in Deal's Gap one year. Good traction, good traction, ooops as the bike slid a bit. It look me a while to realize I had hit a section of the tire I had not ridden on yet.
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