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    8 months ago
    Do you know motorcycle creates noise? Yes, motorcycle creates noise while riding. That is why we need to use noise-canceling hearing protection so that we can protect our hearing. A motorcycle can easily produce more than 100db noises very quickly as a result it will damage the hearing.Please visit the following websites and get more information regarding hearing protection.
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    2 months ago
    The sound of the bike itself is loud and wind noise is another thing that can really cause ear damage. Thanks for sharing, Thomas. I currently use these custom earphones/hearing protection from Big Ear and they really do the job for me.

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    2 months ago

    Best Earplugs | How to Choose It for the First Time | Big Ear, Inc.

    Big Ear shares knowledge on how to choose the best earplugs for your needs. Understanding the basics helps in deciding which hearing protection is for you.
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