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    7 years ago
    Robert wrote a piece for the blog which I published today:

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    7 years ago

    Guest Post: A Rolling Meditation

    For the lucky few who travel by motorcycle and those who care about them.
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    Gerald Barrowman
    7 years ago
    This blog immediately reminded me of the most difficult to read/understand little book I have ever read, Daniel Gilbert’s “Stumbling on Happiness”.
    I hesitate to even mention it because it is a clinical view of our brain’s frontal lobe and it’s role in how we view the future, not really a book for Karma types.
    It’s hard to read because it’s all about control group studies that keep you referencing back to previous studies, etc. not complicated stuff about our brain. 
    I intend to read it again some day because I’m somewhat of a realist/masochist that wants to  believe there is no such thing as free will and our lives are pre destined. 
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