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Rona Ride 2020

'Saturday June 20th, 2020 9:00'
This ride is over.

Harpers Ferry this morning was a ghost town. We were up and out early enjoying the empty streets and historic sights in solitude.

Returning to our room to pack up we noted the bakery across the street opened early and jumped at the opportunity to get on the road faster. Getting breakfast always seems to hold things up. We popped in, grabbed some coffee and breakfast sandwiches and took them to our terrace across the street. Barely any exposure to others at all.

Back on the road we were once again safe from creeping corona. The roads were good at times, a few nice twisty bits here and there, but mostly lots of long valley rides through farms. And farms. And farms.

Arriving Selinsgrove mid-afternoon we found the hotel empty. It has remained so even now. Outside of checking in there's been no risk of exposure at all. Even so we don our masks indoors, especially in the elevator as it's just plain become like wearing seatbelts now. If you don't have the mask on you feel something's not right.

The hotel restaurant and bar are closed so we hoofed it the short walk into town to find dinner. The first brewery was closed. We next came to BJ's M Street Tavern and Oyster House. The usual precautions in place once inside, and it being early in the evening we were essentially alone in the bar booth we were led to. Excellent dinner as well. 

Another day passes and I still think we've been pretty safe so far. Tomorrow is a long day on the road. There's no breakfast nearby so we'll stop 30 miles north in Williamsport where a local place advertises a take out breakfast. I think we're staying ahead of this thing.   

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