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5 months ago

Riding "Curvature" roads around Prettyboy

This ride took place on 'Saturday November 21st, 2020'

Stitching together a few segments found on road Curvature project maps, with a loop around Prettyboy Reservoir.

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6 months ago

Exploring bridges above the falls

This ride took place on 'Saturday November 7th, 2020'

Thinking of using what could be one of the last good riding weekends of 2020 to explore how many times I can cross the Potomac above great falls without getting totally lost. This would be my first foray into creating a ride plan on Miles by Motorcycle, so hoping to get some suggestions and feedback from other riders.

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2 years ago

Summit Point Track Day

Scheduled to Start on: 'Sunday September 9th, 2018 6:30'
This is an open ride.

We're heading up to Summit Point Motorsports Park on Sept 9th for a track day event.

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3 years ago

Kieth Code California Superbike School Levels III and IV

This ride took place on 'Sunday May 6th, 2018'

Ryan and I are caging it down to Virginia International Raceway to take Levels III and IV of Keith Code s California Superbike School

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3 years ago

Rolling Week Long Good Roads Ride

This ride took place on 'Sunday June 10th, 2018'

This year's trip will be shorter than previous ones. We are considering a four day Virginia/West Virginia/Ohio loop ride. In a recent mapping trip with Wayne, I came across some truly nice roads only a few hours away so the thought would be to get to good roads quickly.

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