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Linn Cove Viaduct - Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway | Blue Ridge Parkway Points of Interest: Linn Cove Viaduct. This seven-mile section of the Blue Ridge Parkway - once the Parkway's missing link - was completed in 1987. The Linn Cove Viaduct hugs the face of Grandfather Mountain and is recognized internationally as an engineering marvel.
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Lobster Tacos Lunch Ride

Lobster Tacos Lunch Ride

A lunch ride from Waynesville, NC to The Chalet Restaurant at the Switzerland Inn in Little Switzerland, NC. The Bulk of the ride is on the Blue ridge Parkway passing through Asheville, NC. Hoping they've got some fresh lobster at the Inn, the Tacos are great!

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Motorcycles on the Blue Ridge Parkway Nov 3 18

Brown leaves above the tunnel, gorgeous fall color below. 1 minute from a nice day of riding.

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Winter ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway

A motorcycle ride on the Mt. Pisgah section of the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC in February. Lots of attractions on this short section of the road.

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Lunch Ride to Little Switzerland, NC

Lunch Ride to Little Switzerland, NC

This ride takes us from home in Waynesville, NC through Asheville to the Blue Ridge Parkway. The second best section of the park road is north of Asheville as it climbs to pass the highest mountain in the east then rolls along the ridge tops on a slow descent to Little Switzerland.

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Two Blue Ridge Parkway Attractions at Roanoke, VA

It's too easy to ride past two great Blue Ridge Parkway attractions at Roanoke - Mill Mountain and Roanoke Mountain. Both are just south of the city and worth a visit. The Park Service roads which lead to them are well marked.   Roanoke Mountain & Mill Mountain(   Roanoke Mountain Loop Road at Milepost 120.3 is on the east side of the parkway. The 3.75 mile single lane one-way paved road wind ...Read More

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