The road narrows to cut through this historic farm in Dial, Georgia.


Roadside Farm in Dial, GA
Roadside Farm in Dial, GA

Hearing a car approaching I'd stepped to the grass to let it pass. Though I'd been through several times before, something today made me appreciate this spot along the Toccoa River where the road narrowed to thread through the old wooden buildings of the homestead. The approaching car slowed then stopped, the window down.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" came a voice from the driver.


Roadside Farm in Dial, GA
Roadside Farm in Dial, GA

"I used to manage this farm" the woman in the car said to me. Her broad smile conveyed her pride. 

Roadside Farm in Dial, GA
Roadside Farm in Dial, GA

"Yes, it is beautiful, I just had to stop and take a few shots" I said, resisting the urge to snap a candid photo of her. It just didn't seem polite.

She nodded acceptingly then added - "Watch out, there's some crazy folks on this road"

I smiled and added "I'm probably one of them"


Roadside Farm in Dial, GA
Roadside Farm in Dial, GA


She laughed then continued on her way.  

One of the most enjoyable things about cruising the backroads on your motorcycle are the wonderful sights and beautiful views you come across. The hundreds of roads that weave through the southern Blue Ridge Mountains hold many secrets. There are little spots here and there that touch us in special ways, appeal to things deep within us, reward us with emotions of appreciation and admiration. Don't let them all pass by, savor the good ones.


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Article by Wayne Busch, America Rides Maps

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