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1000 mile loop from the beach to the mountains in South Carolina. Roughly 40% paved / 60% off pavement, I plan to do this moderately challenging route at a leisurely pace in order to thoroughly record, photograph, and film the experience and produce a well curated route for public use on Miles-by-Motorcycle. As I'll want both electricity and internet service at night, as well as time to manage all the data collected during the day, accommodations will be in hotels, preferably nice ones, with food and drink either on site or in walking distance to save time. The route will be done from north-to-south then beach to mountains. Start / End point will wither be Franklin, NC or Brevard.

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EP 26 - Six Winter Waterfalls by Motorcycle

A break in the winter weather has me hopping on my motorcycle to visit six waterfalls surrounding Looking Glass Rock north of Brevard, North Carolina. I show...

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Slick Rock Falls, North Carolina

See Slick Rock Falls near Looking Glass Rock in the Pisgah National Forest near Asheville and Brevard, North Carolina.
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Long Michaux State Forest Road

Long Michaux State Forest Road

This is a track from a ride in 2019. Along the way towards the end there's this great overlook with a huge rock formation. Unfortunately the photo I took is lacking the geotags so I don't know the exact location. It goes dirt just after Trust North of 30 at a left hand turn. Unfortunately, the dirt roads don't route.

10 months ago
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Preview Unpaved Roads - PA

A map of unpaved roads in PA. I wonder if the underlying dataset is available
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