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That should have been sidestand up hours ago. #oops gas stop #r1100s #mpg 41.3 Great day of riding.

last year byYermo
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So I made an #oops. The BMW factory filler plug leaks like a sieve so I replaced it with a billet one similar but not exactly like this one: Sadly, using the factory wrench it was far too easy to over-tighten the filler plug. What I did not realize is that each time I tightened it the set screws were slowly digging their way into the metal. On this last West Virginia mapping trip in the very cold, it finally let go completely allowing the sleeve to spin freely allowing oil to leak. Oops, stripped the valve cover on my R1100S( This let go and spun( I was convinced that I need to get a new valve cover. On Facebook, RubberChicken( reached out and explained that I could just use this gasket maker, set the set screws, and let the assembly cure for 24 hours: Three Bond 1207B Gasket Maker 1207B100G: Automotive( Then simply apply some silicone lubricant to the seal on the filler cap and carefully screw it in using a small wrench so as to not over-tighten it this time.

last year byYermo
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#oops forgot to mark myself underway again.

2 years ago byYermo
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I pulled the trigger on fresh tires for both the K100RS and R1100S. For the K bike, Revzilla still has the Pilot Road 3's in the correct sizes in stock: Michelin Pilot Road 3 Front Tires - RevZilla( Michelin Pilot Road 3 Rear Tires - RevZilla( For the R1100S they don't list a Pilot Road 3 or 4 in the stock size but do carry a Pilot Road 4 GT: Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT Tires - RevZilla( Once they come in I'll mount them. The beloved blue oil burner is still a Bob's waiting to be looked at. Given how much I still have to do, I decided to fall back and punt and let Bob's go over it instead of spending the hours myself. It looks like the crank case breather tube is cracked which has been spewing oil all of the place. #oops Otherwise, I just have to change all the fluids in the R1100S and generally go over things. At the present moment, it looks like everything will be ready to go by the 20th when we leave.

3 years ago byYermo
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There was an issue with links to forum posts that I have just fixed. #oops So now, once again, jumping directly to a post should work as expected. :) There are still a huge number of issues to fix and new features to add. If you notice problems please point them out.

3 years ago byYermo
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