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8 months ago
Podcast Episode 86035

Kent is one of the first national level industry people I met. I was on an Aprilia cup team (prior to working for Aprilia) and Kent rode our bike at Laguna Seca being bested by John Hopper. But it was a hell of a race. Kent had been recently dealt the brutal blow of his 20 year editorship of Sport Rider ending when the publisher closed the magazine, when he joined us for the Give A Shift Round Table. I've been a fan of his for my entire professional career, and this is our first GAS podcast. I s ... Read More

10 months ago
Podcast Episode 85875

Look, I know an hour and 40 minutes is a long time to listen - but this was truly a great conversation. Abhi from and Jamie from and I were attending the Yamaha MT-03 launch in Austin. We certainly had a few drinks as the interview went on and covered a lot of ground (unlike the bike test that day) . I'm glad I did not have to blow before riding the hotel elevator... We dove into products, the industry and their backgrounds. We spoke of personal stories ... Read More

10 months ago
Podcast Episode 85652

I had a chance to chat with my funniest friend - Alonzo Bodden, one of America's top touring comedians and a lifetime motorcyclist. We talk about brands, events and what he rides. Listen in for a quick and funny hour on motorcycling.

2 years ago
Podcast Episode 52644

Enjoy a GREAT conversation with Ryan McFarland of Strider Bikes. He may be the one person who invented the one thing that might be the biggest contributor to the future of motorcycle interest and sales. With nearly 2 million units sold in the past few years - Strider is certainly on a roll. Oh by the way - TRAINING WHEELS SUCK!!!

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