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This looks good to me.

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May 4 - Monday - Commute to Damascus, VA Damascus Old Mill Inn Historic Hotel and Restaurant 215 West Imboden Street Damascus, Virginia, 24236 Phone: 276-475-3745 May 5 - Tuesday - Day 1 - Damascus, VA to Mountain Lake, VA Mountain Lake Lodge Historic Lodge where Dirty Dancing was filmed Hotel Circle Mountain Lake, Virginia, 24136 540-626-7121 May 6 - Wednesday - Day 2 - Mountain Lake, VA to Warm Springs, VA The Inn at Warm Springs 12968 Sam Snead Hwy Warm Springs, Virginia, 24484 540-839-5351 May 7 - Thursday - Day 3 - Warm Springs, VA to Petersburg, WV Smoke Hole Resort & Cabins 8290 N Fork Hwy Cabins, West Virginia, 26855 304-257-4442 May 8 - Friday - Day 4 - Petersberg, WV to Shepherdstown, WV Bavarian Inn 164 Shepherd Grade Road Shepherdstown, West Virginia 25443 304-876-2551 May 9 - Saturday - Day 5 - Shepherdstown, WV to Harpers Ferry, WV Light Horse Inn 1084 Washington Street Harpers Ferry, WV 25425 877-468-4236 May 10 - Sunday - Day 6 - Harpers Ferry, WV to Shippensburg, PA Shippen Place Hotel (Quality Inn & Suites) 32 East King Street Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, 17257 (717) 532-4141 May 11 - Monday - Day 7 - Shippensburg, PA to State College, PA Hilton Garden Inn 1101 East College Avenue College Township, Pennsylvania, 16801 (814) 272-1221 May 12 - Tuesday -Day 8 - State College, PA to Cedar Run, PA Cedar Run Inn & General Store Beulah Land Road Cedar Run, Pennsylvania, 17727 570-353-6241 May 13 - Wednesday - Day 9 - Cedar Run, PA to Hagerstown, MD Home2 Suites by Hilton Hagerstown 1661 Pullman Ln Hagerstown, MD, 21740 (301) 791-7015 May 14 - Thursday - Commute to home

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I have found these maps to be almost invaluable as they have taken me down roads I would otherwise have never experienced. Thankful I bought them and have used them.

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Patmo( , that makes sense to me.

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The AMA tries to serve a small % of the population, but only represents a small % of that small %. So their voice is often not heard or paid much attention to. IMO they would serve the motorcycle community better if they spent a lot less of their resources in money and time fighting against helmet and exhaust laws that the largest % of motorcycle riders don t really care about. Instead, spend that capital on trying to grow the motorcycle community by attracting people to the sport/hobby and making it easier for them to become a part of it.

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Ok. :)

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If conditions are ideal I'm going to look to do Black Bear Pass instead of Ophir Pass into Telluride. It's a convenient option.

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Wait. What? I didn't see the descent into Telluride on the tracks?!? ;) Umm. Ok. I've lived long enough. I'm ok with my fate. Me and my trusty DR Mule will face the inevitable.

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When you go up into the high country adventure happens. It's a very dynamic environment. You and I have been through some tricky stuff and you've never faltered, we'll do fine. You have the skills. While we have most of the arrangements set, I'm still faced with a decision - which bike? Currently I'm set to do it on a tricked out Honda 450. It will be a blast on the trails, but a bitch on the commutes. There's still the chance I can snag the GSA I've taken up there a couple times before. I've already done much of the hard stuff on a GSA, but not the legendary descent into Telluride. I've seen videos of Jeeps and 4 wheelers getting into trouble on that stretch. It's steep loose scree so brakes are of marginal effect. I think the challenge is "can you maintain your line on the way down". It doesn't suffer errors well. There are also a couple big rock ledges to bump over. I'm mulling over the options.

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Would you mind if I share this article out to the M-BY-MC Facebook page?

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Fair point - but the AMA has largely abdicated professional racing from a promotional standpoint anyway. Their strength is in government relations and amateur racing. The Vintage Motorcycle Days model could be applied to a West Coast event as well. I do feel there is good to be salvaged out of the AMA and the HoF - but I strongly feel that if there is not a catalyst for the organization soon, their waning influence will dribble out and it will be too late to affect the industry as they should. There are great opportunities out there to partner with companies such as Revel, Super 73 and others who border the category of motorcycling but can help expand inclusion. That will take years to get to - but those thoughts are needed now. Before the next recession firmly puts motorcycling into the same category as Equestrian Polo.

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You present some great ideas in this and I love the idea of taking it out of seemingly manufacturers hands and putting the AMA into the hands of true enthusiasts. But I believe that the AMA's largest problem in our minds is that they are too focused on racing motorcycles and deal with street riders more of an after thought. So, I would add that Keanu should not take over the AMA, but set up a partnering organization that would deal with the street and legal side of motorcycling.

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Sparking the AMA - by Robert Pandya

Sparking the AMA - by Robert Pandya Published on February 12, 2020 Sunset rides always gets me thinking. I am an AMA member and have been for many years. Sure, I missed a few in the mix, but I have a bunch of pins and have recycled my share of American Motorcyclist magazine for decades. I feel there there is some good coming out of the AMA at least as far as a brand awareness on capitol hill, and they have some great archives and assets in the Hall Of Fame. I have jumped in to help the HoF ...Read More

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