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Who doesn't like FortNine videos? That crafty Canuck does some really well produced and informative YouTube flicks. While tire punctures are pretty rare in my experience when riding on road, an awful lot of folks seem to get flats when I'm out riding off road, my turn is bound to come. I do carry a portable pump and a plug kit with me just in case, in fact the very kit featured in this video. I've used it once, in an off road situation, and it was just as he described. After watching this video, I'm switching from my mushroom plugs to rope plugs. What do you think? Here's the FortNine video below; This Tire Plug Can Kill You – How to Best Fix a Flat(

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This Tire Plug Can Kill You How to Best Fix a Flat

We don t usually do plugs but we re making an exception here. Here are four of the best puncture repair solutions on the market. GEAR BREAKDOWNRope Plug Tire...

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