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5 years ago
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Japanese motorcycles moving into forced induction - Autoblog

Kawasaki reveals it's working on a supercharged motorbike engine, while Suzuki goes the turbo route with new Recursion concept.
6 years ago
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1996 Suzuki Bandit 600 S weird RPM jumping problem.

We've been scratching our heads about this one for a while. The bike idles perfectly. Above 2600 RPMs the bike runs perfectly. At /exactly/ 1600 RPMs it jump...

6 years ago
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Bandit RPM Problem

gsf600s sticking at 2000 rpms.

6 years ago
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How to repair Suzuki Bandit GSF600 carburetors

Sorry if the video is sideways i filmed this one handed with my iphone! OK so my carbs where stuck fast they would not move as the bike had been stood over t...

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A thread about technical topics related to the Suzuki DR650SE.

6 years ago byYermo
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