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3 years ago
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"3 Sets of 12" is KILLING Your Gains!!

Performing 3 sets of 12 reps for the exercises your workout is likely killing your gains. Now, don t get me wrong I actually like the 10-12 rep range when it comes to building muscle and when the goal is muscle hypertrophy. The problem is, the focus is misdirected as it often times gets put on the number of reps and not the quality of the reps or the time it takes you to perform them.

3 years ago
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8 Exercises I WISH I Did Years Ago! (WASTED GAINS)

We all have exercises that we tend to fall in love with and those we tend to avoid. In this video, I m going to show you the 8 exercises that I wish I did years ago that would have delivered better muscle, strength and stability gains much sooner. These will cover everything from the legs, core, arms, chest, shoulders, glutes and even overall training concepts that have made a significant difference in muscularity.

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Riders Health Network

Inspired by a group on Facebook by the same name, I've created this group as a place to keep notes, videos, and links on the subject of health and fitness for motorcyclists, especially us aging ones, so that we can ride longer.

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