So Yun said he wanted to go cross country after our Gap trip and he asked me to join him. Thus I find myself in North Carolina at the present moment.

I didn't sleep last night. Well, that's not entirely accurate. I slept for maybe two and a half hours. At the present moment, many hours later, I'm on the verge of collapse.

Today, Yun and I embarked on our mad rush 21 day trip across the US. Day one was dominated by fantastically cool air and ominous troubled clouds. We did more miles than expected topping out at over 620.

There were many thoughts, many insights, many conversations, but unfortunately, I am, I'm afraid, exhausted beyond comprehension. Thus I will leave you, for the moment, with a map. Click on it to get an interactive version where you can click on the camera icons to get at the photos.


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